Duo Discount Peace Study Ticket - Admit TWO
Duo Discount Peace Study Ticket - Admit TWO

Duo Discount Peace Study Ticket - Admit TWO

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Grab a friend and go through this study together. After you check out, you'll receive an email with two access codes. One for you and one for another momma in your life.


◉ The study begins June 7th at 7:30 pm CT with a kickoff virtual event in the private Facebook group.
◉ The study reads through two chapters a week.
◉ M, W, T, F a discussion prompt is posted in the group and women engage as often as they'd like in the comments. (So there's tons of flexibility!)
◉ On Tuesday evenings at 7:30 pm CT, Becky hosts a live video teaching about the two chapters read that week.


After you purchase your ticket, you'll be a sent an email to the email address you used when checking out. It contains a link to the private Facebook group and TWO access codes (one for you and one for a friend.) You will each enter BOTH codes when requesting to join the Facebook group.

Please note, you'll need to purchase a copy of the book separately.
You can buy a signed copy from this site, or purchase a copy from your favorite bookseller like Amazon or Barnes and Noble.